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Posted on: August 28, 2010 4:44 pm
I litterly just got back from my draft which IMO I think went well.  This is a deep 10 man PPR 2 player keeper league with TE's getting 2 PPR and everyone else getting 1 PPR, TD's are all worth 6pts.  5 QB's were kept, 7 RB's, 6 WR's and 2 TE's.  We start 1 QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, 1 WR or TE, 1 k, and 1 DEF.  I kept Maurice Jones-Drew and Calvin Johnson and had the last pick in a snake draft, since I won again last year to give me back to back championship wins.  I think all in all everyone drafted decent except 2 teams with 1 being really really bad, but its all guys I work with and some just arent that very knowledgeable in the fantasy world. 

Ok, so in the first round alot of RB's went and I was trying to get some top WR's, and was licking my chops when I seen all of them dropping to me.  But right before my pick the guy selected Brandon Marshall who I was eyeing, and this guy did this to me all draft, well 5 times to be exact, where he selected the guy I was eyeing right before me.

Remember it is a keeper league so it's like we are starting the draft in the 3rd round.

Keepers: MJD and Calvin Johnson

Round 1: DeSean Jackson ( stud if he can stay healthy)

Round 2: Greg Jennings ( think he is in line for a bounce back year)

Round 3: Matt Forte ( guy in front of me took Joseph Addai)

Round 4: Matt Schaub ( cant believe he fell this far)

Round 5: Jahvid Best ( guy in front of me took Ronnie Brown)

Round 6: Jonathan Stewart (didnt want him but at that value I felt obligated)

Round 7: Tony Gonzalez ( Ahmad Bradshaw went in front of him, great value for him and there were some surprising names that went in front of him, Visanthe Shiancoe? really!)

Round 8: Cadillac Williams ( should have taken LaDainian Tomlinson here, he went a few picks latter, but Caddy's a no.1)

Round 9: Jay Cutler ( also fell alot and alot of teams were starting to take there 2nd QB, Eli Manning and Chad Henne? went right before me, plus he will be a good replacment should anything happen to Schaub)

Round 10: Steve Slaton ( IMO good vaue for him because you never know what the situation is going to be with the Texans)

Round 11: Lee Evans ( im a Bills fan but he is a no.1 and Santanio Holmes went right in front of him)

Round 12: Mike Williams (Buccaneers) ( hoping he breaks out to be a good sleeper pick, worth a chance since im not planning on starting him over any of my other WR's)

Round 13: Chargers ( last 1 to select a def. I waited since the top ones were going stupid early round 5 was when the 1st went Jets)

Round 14: Stephen Gostkowski ( needed 1 of these and he plays for the Patriots)

How do you think I did in my draft?  Appreciate any feedback on my draft, Thanks.
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