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Rate my team

I litterly just got back from my draft which IMO I think went well.  This is a deep 10 man PPR 2 player keeper league with TE's getting 2 PPR and everyone else getting 1 PPR, TD's are all worth 6pts.  5 QB's were kept, 7 RB's, 6 WR's and 2 TE's.  We start 1 QB, 2 RB's, 2 WR's, 1 WR or TE, 1 k, and 1 DEF.  I kept Maurice Jones-Drew and Calvin Johnson and had the last pick in a snake draft, since I won again last year to give me back to back championship wins.  I think all in all everyone drafted decent except 2 teams with 1 being really really bad, but its all guys I work with and some just arent that very knowledgeable in the fantasy world. 

Ok, so in the first round alot of RB's went and I was trying to get some top WR's, and was licking my chops when I seen all of them dropping to me.  But right before my pick the guy selected Brandon Marshall who I was eyeing, and this guy did this to me all draft, well 5 times to be exact, where he selected the guy I was eyeing right before me.

Remember it is a keeper league so it's like we are starting the draft in the 3rd round.

Keepers: MJD and Calvin Johnson

Round 1: DeSean Jackson ( stud if he can stay healthy)

Round 2: Greg Jennings ( think he is in line for a bounce back year)

Round 3: Matt Forte ( guy in front of me took Joseph Addai)

Round 4: Matt Schaub ( cant believe he fell this far)

Round 5: Jahvid Best ( guy in front of me took Ronnie Brown)

Round 6: Jonathan Stewart (didnt want him but at that value I felt obligated)

Round 7: Tony Gonzalez ( Ahmad Bradshaw went in front of him, great value for him and there were some surprising names that went in front of him, Visanthe Shiancoe? really!)

Round 8: Cadillac Williams ( should have taken LaDainian Tomlinson here, he went a few picks latter, but Caddy's a no.1)

Round 9: Jay Cutler ( also fell alot and alot of teams were starting to take there 2nd QB, Eli Manning and Chad Henne? went right before me, plus he will be a good replacment should anything happen to Schaub)

Round 10: Steve Slaton ( IMO good vaue for him because you never know what the situation is going to be with the Texans)

Round 11: Lee Evans ( im a Bills fan but he is a no.1 and Santanio Holmes went right in front of him)

Round 12: Mike Williams (Buccaneers) ( hoping he breaks out to be a good sleeper pick, worth a chance since im not planning on starting him over any of my other WR's)

Round 13: Chargers ( last 1 to select a def. I waited since the top ones were going stupid early round 5 was when the 1st went Jets)

Round 14: Stephen Gostkowski ( needed 1 of these and he plays for the Patriots)

How do you think I did in my draft?  Appreciate any feedback on my draft, Thanks.
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  I just held my draft for a 10 team PPR keeper league.  You keep two players from the previous year, get 1 PPR, with the exception of TE's who ger 2 PPR.  We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE/WR, K, DEF.  The season is 13 weeks with the playoffs being weeks 14 and 15, the division winners and then the next 2 teams with the best records make the playoffs.

I picked last in a snake draft since I won last year.  I kept MJD and Matt Forte, I let go of alot of good players who all got picked before they got back to me.  4 QB's were kept, 11 RB's and 5 WR's.  My draft went like this:

Keepers: MJD, Matt Forte
1ST ROUND: Calvin Johnson- on my team last year, A.Johnson, Jennings, Wayne, and Witten all went before him.  I lucked out, mostly beacause the guy with the 4TH pick messed up.  He kept Colson and Boldin, let go of LT but picked him back up.  He should have kept LT and 1 WR and then could have picked A.Johnson.

2ND ROUND: Roddy White- next best option IMO.  Boldin, Colston were kept otherwise they should have been avail.  Top avail., were S.Smith, Bowe, Welker.

3RD ROUND: Chad Ocho Cinco- think he's in line for a bounce back year.

4TH ROUND: Donovon McNabb- he was the last QB avail before the list went kaput besides Schwab who was selected after me in same round.

5TH ROUND: Lendale White- he fell and was the best RB avail., scores alot of TD's and is a nice bye week replacement or could fill in nicely if there are any injuries.

6TH ROUND: Brandon Marshall- he fell and was by far the best WR out there.  Hit or miss pick, but was willing to take chance.  Hopefully he gets traded.

7TH ROUND: Tim Hightower- Wells was gone already, they split the ball pretty evenly but Wells is injury prone so he has a lot of upside to become an every down starter in a great offense.

8TH ROUND: Owen Daniels-  fell to me and there was only one other guy who didnt have a TE and I know was going to take him so I made the move.  Daniels is in line for a good year in a great offense.

9TH ROUND: Eagles DEF- last person to pick a DEF, was between them and Jets, they were the best 2 avail.

10TH ROUND: Ahmed Bradshaw- has great upside as Ward has departed and Jacobs is injury prone.

11TH ROUND: Lesean McCoy- has great upside because Westbrook is injury prone and might be his last year as the starter.

12TH ROUND: Eli Manning- took him beacause plays KC in week 4, McNabb's bye week.  Hope McNabb dosen't get hurt or I will be in trouble at QB.

13TH ROUND: Jeremy Shocky- see a bounce back year since he is healthy and plays in a great passing offense.  With in injury year he had last year he still had 50 catches.

14TH ROUND: Robbie Gould- needed one of these.
All in all I think I have a solid team, I had to pick certain players and posions early then expected because of the way everyone else was drafting.  By the end of the 2ND round there were 7 QB's gone so when McNabb came back to me I had to pick him otherwise I would of had to draft like 3 QB's and played matchups.  I picked up Marshall because he slipped that far and was the best player left at his position, plus a lot of value in that pick and he was going to get snatched up in that round by someone.  TE's went real early, a guy took Witten with the 9TH pick in the first round which is why I was able to get Calvin.  There were 6 TE's taken before my 3RD pick and 8 before I took Daniels so I think I got good value for him.  Lets just say I was the last one to pick a DEF. so I had to take them here before people started taking 2 DEF. 

Let me know what you think of my team by giving it a grade: A-F with +/-.  I will give out 5 stars for everyone who leaves comment.

Thanks and I will grade your team also if you want to post it.

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Who is the first TE that should be takin?

  Who does everyone think should be the first TE takin in drafts this year? There is really just 4 names in mind when it comes to me, Gates, Witten, Clark and Gonzo.  How do you rank them in order of who will have the best fantasy year? 
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Posted on: June 12, 2009 2:00 pm

Which two players should I keep?

I am in a 2 player keeper league which gives one point per reception, with tight ends getting two ppr.  You start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, one flex wr/te, k, and def.  This is a ten person league, and I have the last pick in the first round and first in the second, since I won the championship last year.  The potential keepers on my roster from last year are:

Peyton Manning
Kurt Warner
Steven Jackson
Maurice Jones Drew
Matt Forte
Andre Johnson
Calvin Johnson

Any thoughts would be very helpful as you can see I am stuck on which 2 to keep.  My thoughts are to not keep either qb, and not keep Calvin Johnson.  So its either 2 rb's or a rb with a wr, and I think the wr position is going to be slim this year, which is why im leaning towards Andre Johnson.  But the fact that the 3 rb's I have are every down beasts for there repective teams it is a hard decision since which ever one/ones I let loose I will not see again.  Thanks again and if anyone has any questions of there own, post them and I will try and provide some insight.
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